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Vucic: Serbia cornered, Berlin unlikely to change anything

During an April 29 summit in Berlin, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said to EU High Commissioner Federica Mogherini that Belgrade was prepared to get back to the negotiating table with Pristina, as soon as the authorities in Kosovo lifted a 100-percent tariff on products from Serbia.

President Vucic said that he did not expect anything to be resolved at the summit of France, Germany and the Western Balkans.

I told Mogherini...You have cornered Serbia, driving it into a position that it cannot find a way out of, and the only thing we can do now is to protect ourselves and our country," Vucic said to reporters after the meeting.

The president said that Serbia was not in favor of a change to the borders either, but that he had proposed demarcation as a theme, because different solutions need to be discussed.

"That's why I brought up the idea of demarcation at one point because you have the borders recognized by Spain, while Italians recognize some others, Russians have accepted borders different from those recognized by Germans, and the same goes for Britons and Chinese. These are completely different things, and only a compromise is possible," he said.

Vucic added that if someone might have thought that a solution could be reached without a compromise, "it is not happening."

"Do you think that a dialogue is possible if the illegal, anti-civilizational taxes remain in force? It's out of the question, and it's not happening," Vucic said.


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