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Jeremic: Serbia is example of stifling media freedom, according to Freedom House

The president of the People's Party, Vuk Jeremic, warned on June 5 that Serbia was "unfortunately listed as the first example of stifling media freedom" in the report of Freedom House.

"Those things cannot be put aside through some diplomatic activities, and the same applies to the European Commission's report. That is an official EU document, and President Vucic, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and all those close to the leadership can complain about it to their heart's content, but that is the official stance of Europe, which will not change unless things change fundamentally," Jeremic told reporters.
International pressure on the current state in Serbia will grow and, as Jeremic said, there will be more and more talk about "what is actually going on in Serbia."

"I hope the dialogue between the authorities and the opposition starts as soon as possible, and the more we delay it, the more internal and international pressure there will be, and nobody needs that. We want changes in Serbia by peaceful means, and these changes can only come about through fair elections, whoever wins them. There can be no such elections unless the dialogue yields some reasonable solutions," Jeremic said.


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