NEWS | 05.03.2018 22:45

Kuburovic Dismisses Suggestions that Constitutional Amendments be Withdrawn

Serbian Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic said on March 5 that the draft amendments to the Serbian constitution referring to the judicial sector would not be withdrawn.

"Withdrawing the text is out of the question. It's something the ministry's firmly standing behind," Minister Kuburovic said at the latest conference within the second round of a public debate on the constitutional amendments, adding that the ministry didn't plan to write them all over again, but only to incorporate the suggestions it had received in the draft version.
Many professional associations have criticized the amendments authored by the justice ministry, insisting they should be revoked.

Minister Kuburovic said that some of the arguments her ministry had received were constructive, but that some "lacked a substantiated explanation."

"The opinion from professional circles matters very much. It matters, but it's not going to be the only one to guide us," Kuburovic said.

She explained that after March 8, when the debate closes, her ministry will discuss all the suggestions as to how to change the draft constitutional amendments, and prepare the final version to be sent to the Venice Commission.


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