NEWS | 11.10.2018 23:15

WB: Serbia Above Regional Average in New Human Capital Index

In the new Human Capital Index, Serbia is above the average in the region and in countries that are in the same income group, the World Bank announced on Oct. 11.

The WB's new Human Capital Index, presented on Oct. 11 in Bali, Indonesia, at the Annual Assembly of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, measures how much countries lose in economic productivity by not investing in people.

Serbia has the index of 0.76, Croatia 0.72, Slovenia 0.79, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro each have 0.62, while Macedonia's index is 0.53. Kosovo is ranked separately (with asterisk) with the index of 0.56. The index in Greece and Bulgaria is 0.68, Romania's is 0.60 and Hungary's 0.70.

The U.S. has the index of 0.76 the same as Serbia. Russia's index is 0.73 and China's 0.67.

The highest index in the world is that of Singapore 0.88, followed by the Republic of Korea with 0.84, while Hong Kong is third with 0.82. The lowest index belongs to Chad 0.29; South Sudan is penultimate with 0.30, while Mali is one place above with 0.32.

The statement of the World Bank reads that human capital knowledge, skills and health that people accumulate throughout life, were crucial factors for the rates of stable economic growth and poverty reduction in a large number of countries during the 20th century, especially in East Asia


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