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Project SUPRO MEDIA – Support to the Protection of Media Freedom in the Western Balkans

The Beta Media Center (MBC) is realizing a project SUPRO MEDIA – Support to the Advocacy and Protection of Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression in the Western Balkans. The project will encompass 24 multimedia stories and will be realized in four countries and four languages (Serbian, Albanian, Macedonian and English).

MBC’s partners in the project are the Beta Press news agency (Belgrade), the KosovaLive media organization (Pristina), Telma TV station (Skopje) and blogger Slobodan Vaskovic (Banjaluka).

October is the preparatory month for the project’s realization, while the project’s implementation period will be 10 months – from November 2017 to August 2018. Each partner will produce six multimedia stories (text, video and audio) on agreed topics. All partners will deal with the same topics, each of them from their respective country’s point of view, so that the conditions in them could be assessed and compared, the future trends examined and the experiences exchanged.

The Beta Media Center and its partners will regularly inform the target groups and the public in the region of the topics tackled, the material produced, and the ways in which the production can be taken over for further use and distribution.

The project production will have a separate page on the website titled Support to Media (or SUPRO MEDIA). Furthermore, the Beta News Agency will distribute the production to its clients and public through its services free of charge. The production will also be shared via BETA’s and the EurAktiv portal’s ( ) social networks in Serbian and English. The KosovaLive media organization will post its production on its sites and , and it will distribute it free of charge to its clients and via social networks in Albanian and English. Telma TV station will post its production on in Macedonian and, whenever possible, in English. Blogger Slobodan Vaskovic will post his multimedia production in Serbian on


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