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One in Five Million Protesters March for the Sixth Time in a Row

A sixth One in Five Million march ended in the Studentski Trg square on Jan. 12, at around 8 p.m., with an invitation to protesters to gather on Jan. 16 for a peaceful rally outside the School of Philosophy to pay respects to the Civil Initiative SDP leader, Oliver Ivanovic, killed in Kosovo a year ago.

The march passed without incident while there was no visible police presence.

The organizers said that when the first marchers reached Studentski Trg, the end of the body of protesters was in Kralja Milana Street, next to the Presidency building.

The protesters blew whistles, sported banners and posters reading: "Yes, there are five million of us," "We are with the people, not with the current and former thieves," and "Rise Serbia!"

One of the organizers, Branislav Trifunovic, asked the authorities to reveal Oliver Ivanovic's murderers.

"He was one of us, and we owe it to him to pay our respects. Come to a peaceful rally, and bring candles, not whistles. We want to mark the day, lest things like that should happen again," Trifunovic said.

The leader of the non-governmental European Movement in Kosovo and Metohija, Rada Trajkovic, said that Serbia would not see better days as long as Vucic was in power.

"We, the people from Kosovo, do not ask for much, just that Serbs are not afraid of Serbia, but since Vucic took power, we have been afraid of Serbs," Trajkovic said.

She said that Vucic had recognized the legal system of Kosovo as legal and legitimate, which is why he should extradite to Pristina Milan Radojicic, a suspect in the Ivanovic murder case.

"You have established a 'polygraph' justice in Belgrade. That is not how it is done Vucic you should send Milan to Pristina, instead of making Belgrade a safe house for criminals and the mob," Trajkovic said.

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